The Benefits Of Protein Shakes When Training

There has been a lot of discussion among the bodybuilding community, whether protein shakes are helping bodybuilders and athletes in general, grow and sustain their body muscle structure. The truth is that protein supplements are and should be an essential element of our daily nutrition schedule.

Imagine your muscle cells as an individual unit. In order to multiply and restore after hard training muscle cells need “food”. Amino acids are the core elements of protein, and they are directly responsible for muscle build. Almost all protein shakes in the market contain a high protein percentage plus specific amino acid chains, which are not produced by the human organism, but are crucial for muscle build. So by adding a high value protein supplement into our daily nutrition schedule, we are providing our body enough supply to trigger muscle grow.

The belief that protein supplements are something evil, has proven to be totally unrealistic. Supplements are a simple addition to our daily nutrition. Each protein shake portion contains about 25-30 grams of pure protein. So, imagine how much food someone should consume in order to cover the corresponding protein amount the protein powder is providing. Not to mention the extra fat that goes along.

As a conclusion we might say that protein shakes should just fill in our daily nutrition plan and never replace solid food. For maximum muscle results, I would recommend taking our protein shake twice a day, directly after workout and somewhere between our meals. Overdosing will not bring you better results.

Keep those muscles pumping.

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