Quick Tips To Gain Muscle


Do you look at guys with body building muscle and wish you could look like that too? Some guys get picked on for being too skinny and not having any muscle. Others are ridiculed for being too fat and not having any body building muscle at all. If you’re one of those guys who need some quick body building muscle tips then read on. These tips might help you get into that “perfect” shape like you’ve always wanted to.

Calorie Requirements

Before we go anywhere with body building muscle, you have to analyze your food and your eating habits. You’ve got to work out your daily calorie requirements and then pile on the protein rather than the fats and the carbs. Remember one thing, you need to put “mass” onto your body so you’ve got to eat right to make sure when you put on weight, it’s body building muscle not fat!

Weight Lifting

No matter what your current body shape, if you want body building muscle, you’ve got to lift heavy weights. I know most guys love lifting heavy weights, but there are some that seem to think lifting light weights will also get you there albeit, slower. Truth is, if you want body building muscle quick, you need to do the heavy weight lifting and do at least 6 to 12 reps for it to have some effect. Also, just a tip to keep in mind: free weights are always better for body building muscle than machines that “help” you lift the weight.      

Don’t Over Train

Lifting heavy weights is essential, but you don’t need to hit the gym every day. If you’re interested in body building muscle, you need to work out smart. Sure the heavy weights are important, but it’s also important to work out smart. Don’t overdo your training; hit the weights only three or four times a week – any more, and you won’t be giving your muscles a chance to recover from the stress.

Also, some of the old school rules are the best; so if you’ve been told to work out each body part with great intensity, at least once weeks – then you’ve been told right. It’s a great tip for those interested in body building muscle.

Protein & Supplements

If you’re seriously getting into body building muscle, you need to start supplementing your diet. If you don’t know what sort of supplements you need, consult an expert. Don’t just start taking anything and everything, randomly. Things you might want to consider are creatine (a great body building muscle supplement), meal replacement powders, whey proteins etc.

Take Time Off

Body building muscle requires serious dedication, much like the dedication most footballers (or any sports player) would put into their game. If you’re serious about it, you will start getting into a discipline yourself. However, we don’t want our lives to become boring and only about body building muscle do we? That’s why…remember to give yourself days off from training, and even days off from your strict diet. With your diet, you can either take one day off every week or take a whole week off every 12 weeks – whichever suits you better.

If you’re interested in body building muscle, keep up the dedication and get into the discipline and you’ll soon have results.                

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