Beginners Guide To Stacking Nootropics

To truly achieve all the benefits to be gained from Nootropic, experimenting with how different stack effect your personal physiology is fundamentally important. It may take months of tweaking dosage and trial and error, but once you have it right, you will have a much more focused cognitive enhancement.

What is a stack?

When talking about any sort of supplement whether it is nutrition related or Nootropics, your stack is simply a way of referring to all the supplements you are using together. When we talk about changing your stack, you can either be changing the combination supplements used, the dosage of the individual supplements or the timing of the doses. All these factors leave a lot of room for experimentation. In Nootropics you can have stacks for individual goals. You can have a stack for focus, a stack for relaxation and a stack for general brain health. The possibilities are endless and your Nootropic experience is only limited by what you are interested in trying.

Individual Nootropics or Stacks

By stacking Nootropics you can gain the benefits of multiple supplements at once, and some work together to give even greater results. However this does not discount the importance of trying and knowing the effect each individual Nootropic that you are interested in. Furthermore a single Nootropic may be more then enough to accomplish your goals. For example Modafinil alone is often enough to give people the mental boost and focus that people desire to get a job done. The take away from this is that if you are new to Nootropics you should start at the bottom and build your way up. Learn what you can about each Nootropic and apply that knowledge to your stacks. A good place to start is our Nootropic profiles. With most supplements you will notice that they come in both powder and capsule for. Neither is than other, however with powder versions of products, you have more control over your dosing.

Beginner Stacks

Knowing where to start with stacking can be difficult. these Stacks are a great place to start, and each stack is very safe and should give solid results.


This stack is probably the most basic of the basic. It gives you motivation and energy, while not getting you really jittery or anxious. The easiest way to use this stack is simply drinking a glass or two of green tea. Green tea naturally has both these substances in it which is why you feel less jittery when you drink it rather than coffee. Both these substances can be bought in powder form too giving you more control over dosage. Everyone knows about caffeine’s anti-fatigue effects, but it also increases neurotransmission  of Adrenaline, Acetylcholine, and Dopamine. Too much caffeine gives that jittery feeling that so many stimulants give. L-Theanine acts to balance this out allowing you to be more productive. It does this by releasing GABA in the brain creating a feeling a calmness. Together this calm energy is perfect for getting work done. It is best not to use this stack 6-8 before you plan to go to sleep because the caffeine will keep you awake. Furthermore caffeine does build tolerance so it is best to only use this stack a maximum of 4 times a week. If you are looking for a powerful nootropics supplement, then you may want to have a look at products such as Modafy. This features one of the largest doses of Caffeine and L-Theanine. 



If the first stack did not sound appealing to you because it is too basic, then this stack might be a better place to start. Together these two supplements make the most basic and reusable Nootropic stack out there. The two things that make this stack great is that it is perfect for building out from, and that it can, and should, be taken everyday. Take it with the previously mentioned stack for an extra boost in focus. Piracetam is the original Racetam, however it is also the weakest by weight, which makes it an ideal starting place. Although it wont make you a genius after two days, it will give you a feel for the clearness of thought that Nootropics give. Piracetam is known for improving learning, memory and focus. Choline, ideally taken as Alpha GPC or CDP Choline, is an important nutrient for the brain that increases Acetylcholine production. Piracetam and other Racetams increase the use of Acetylcholine which is why it is always important to pair it with a Choline supplement. Choline has the additional benefit of increasing the fluidity of neurotransmitter’s cell membranes, making them more effect. Depending on which Choline supplement you chose to use you may get additional benefits.

The Dosing for Piracetam is 400-1600mg a day while the dose for Choline should be 300-600mg a day. These should be split into two or three seperate doses, each with some Piracetam and some Choline. This combination should be taken daily for at least two weeks to start feeling the full benefits from the two. Expect to feel subtle improvements in mood and a clearness of thought through out the day. After you have gotten a feel for this stack try switching in another one of the Racetams, to compare the difference.

Sulbutiamine+Choline+Huperzine A

If you are looking for something a little more motivating than the last stack, and a little more advanced then the first, then this is a great option. Sulbutiamine is a modified B-vitamin that enhances the effects of Dopamine. It is highly bio available and crosses the blood brain barrier easily. This makes it great for improving focus and motivation. It is a mild stimulant which also helps improve mood.

While Choline is needed to construct Acetylcholine, Huperzine A works on the other end, and prevents Acetylcholine from being broken down. Huperzine A is an extract of Irish Moss. It blocks the enzyme Acetylcholinesterase from breaking down Acetylcholine. When paired with a Choline source, these two compounds maximize Acetylcholine in the brain improving concentration, memory and focus.

This is another stack that is good for about four times a week. Sulbutiamine loses effectiveness if used too often. However you can continue using Choline and Huperzine A continuously. The dose should be around 300mg Sulbutiamine, 200mg Huperzine A and 300mg Choline, but after initial trials it is okay to modify the stack to your liking.


Nootropic stack products

Another great option for beginners is just buying a product that already has stacked products. This is essentially playing it safe by taking the well trodden path. Companies pick what they think are the best Nootropics and sell them, usually as capsules. These products usually have conservative doses of each of the compounds they contain to make sure they are safe for a general audience. It is important to make sure you are buying for a reputable manufacturer. A good way to tell is if they offer their lab testing on the purity of their products. You will find that most manufacturers offer a variety of products for different purposes. The great thing about starting from here is that if you find a product that you really like, you can just read the label and find out what is in it. from there you can buy the individual ingredients and modify the stack to your liking. In the short run buying prepackaged products will be cheaper, as it will save you the trouble of experimenting with a lot of different individual products, in the long run though it will end up being more costly since a bit more marketing goes into these products. If you really do like one of these products it might be worth sticking with it just for the simplicity of just having to take a few pills a day and not worrying about anything else.

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